Godzilla Vs. Kong director Adam Wingard is tackling the upcoming comic adaptation of Hardcore for Universal Pictures.


Wingard has garnered high praise for his recent work on Godzilla Vs. Kong. The Legendary’s MonsterVerse movie under Warner Bros. did quite well at the box office during the COVID-19 pandemic.

LMO reported last month that following the success of Godzilla Vs Kong, Legendary Pictures is continuing the MonsterVerse franchise with the same director.

Now, Wingard has been tapped by Universal Pictures for their next venture.

Hardcore is an action science-fiction thriller comic book. It follows the journey of a soldier as he saves the globe without getting his hands dirty.

The story focuses on the titular Hardcore Program, which allows its agents to hijack the body of anyone on Earth — essentially turning them into human drones — so they can get to targets that regular soldiers can’t get close to.

However, when one of their top agents gets stranded in a body and becomes the program’s number one target, they only have 72 hours to figure out who has hijacked the program itself.


In the Hardcore comics series, Andy Diggle wrote Volume 1 with art by Alessandro Vitto, and Volume 2 was penned by Brandon Thomas and Francis Portela.

Wingard will also be co-writing the script for the film. Skybound will produce the project, along with Wingard’s own company, Montauk Chair. Robert Kirkman will also serve as a producer for Skybound.

The filmmaker is busier than he’s ever been, with high-profile projects such as Face/Off 2 and ThunderCats also on his to-do list.


No release date has been set for Hardcore.

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