Once his time on Star Wars is closed out with Episode IX: The Rise Of Skywalker, JJ Abrams will not be hanging around the Lucasfilm/Disney shop.  He’s jumping studios.

It will place his TV work, movies, video games and digital content all with a single studio for the first time.

He’s expected to make original movies for WarnerMedia. This adds credence to the rumours that Chris McQuarrie (Mission: Impossible) had his pitch for Superman and Green Lantern feature films, to continue the DCEU, turned down.  This was due to the Abrams deal being in the pipeline and Warner’s eyeing him for a key DC movie-making role.

Abrams, of course, had a less than positive first engagement with the world of DC many years ago with his divisive and widely panned Superman: Flyby script

The big announcement comes more than a quarter after the news broke that Warner’s had won the bidding process for Bad Robot.  This process was apparently over a year long, and involved almost every major studio in Hollywood, including Apple, Netflix and Amazon.

The decision to go with a traditional studio rather than a new digital upstart is a vote of confidence in the future of cinema, and the ability of Warner Bros. to compete with both these new entrants and Disney+ in the streaming game.

Bad Robot services may now be denied to rival studios, including Paramount, which is probably another nail in the coffin of the Kelvin-verse Star Trek franchise. However, that isn’t certain, as it was said to be of the utmost importance to Abrams that he still had freedom to let Bad Robot sell to third parties.

He will also honour existing commitments such as his Star Wars gig.

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