The socials are in a bit of a tizzy this morning as it’s been reported that Aaron Taylor-Johnson took part in a secret screen test for James Bond and apparently, Barbara Broccoli “loved him”.

Now, this story does come from one of the UK’s most divisive tabloids, The Sun, but many other outlets are picking up on it. My advice is to take it with a pinch of salt and hope for the best. As usual, this is Rumor Control. 

Rumor Control Bond

The New Front Runner

OK, let’s get this out of the way first. Aaron Taylor-Johnson is English. I know many of you think he’s American because of Kick-Ass, Godzilla etc, but that was acting darling and he put on an accent. He’s as English as me, just less common and not as handsome.

Moving on. ATJ went for a screen test to be the next James Bond in September and as a result, he is apparently now THE front-runner.

We all know that there is endless talk about who is taking over Bond, from the likes of Cavill (now out because of Superman), Hardy, Elba, and even Rege-Jean Page (don’t get me started) are regularly mentioned.

However, the people that are in control of the Bond franchise have made it perfectly clear they want someone in their 30s who can continue the role for the next 15 years at least without worrying about his bad back or knee joints.

Aaron Taylor Johnson

The Name’s J… ATJ

You all know my views on how the casting of the next Bond should go. I regularly have a heated back and forth with one particular Outposter about this subject – James Bond should be English, white and heterosexual.

We know he has acting skills in abundance. He has action chops, which we’ve seen in Kick-Ass, Tenet, and most recently Bullet Train. He also has great comedy timing too, perfect for those smooth 007 retorts.

ATJ Bullet Train
“Pitt, if I ever see you in a skirt again, I’m gonna Tyler Durden you up!”

ATJ is all those things as well as being 32 years old, good-looking, suave, one charming mo-fo. Add to the fact that he’s a MILF magnet, and this for me makes AJT the perfect candidate for Bond (outside of Cavill) – stop calling me gay!

The slight problem is ATJ is set to star as Kraven The Hunter next year which could potentially tie up his schedule with Sony for the next couple of yea… Nah, I’m only joking. That film is going to suck balls like Morpheus and Venom, we’re good to go for Bond.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson Bond
ATJ – the next James Bond?

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