As you may have heard me say I love A24 as a production company. This is because you never know what you’re going to get from them. A great example is this trailer for Men.

That looks like, umm, you know, that other movie! No, wait, that looks like nothing I’ve ever seen. I can’t wait to check this out. The main story is:

A young woman goes on a solo vacation to the English countryside after the death of her ex-husband.

I will say, that the story seems like an “old regular”, but the trailer makes it look very, very different. It stars Jessie Buckley, Gayle Rankin, Paapa Essiedu, and several versions of Rory Kinnear.


Alex Garland is the writer and director, who is known for directing Ex-Machina, Annihilation, and the TV series Devs. He is also credited with writing things like The Beach, 28 Days Later, Sunshine, Dredd, and some of the stories for the video game, Devil May Cry.

Annihilation was a very visual movie with a deep center to the story. I have seen it twice and the first time I didn’t quite get it, but I saw a couple of explanation videos on YouTube, then watched it again. The second time, I really loved it.

I can’t wait to see Kinnear is this too. You might know him from the very first episode of Black Mirror, where he played the Prime Minister who was forced into having sex with a pig live on national TV. It was as bad as it sounds, but a brilliant bit of writing and a great performance from Kinnear. Although, it was a little close to home!

A genuine Prime Minister and a Pig
A genuine Prime Minister and a Pig

Men is due out on 20th May, not sure yet if it will be in cinemas or on streaming.

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