The Obscure Life of the Grand Duke of Corsica, to give the movie its full title, has come out of nowhere and a trailer has appeared online, and now here, at Last Movie Outpost.

I initially click on the video because of the interesting looking still. What followed subverted all my expectations. The movie stars starring Timothy Spall and Peter Stromare. According to IMDb the story is:

In 1221 a young man is set on his path to becoming St. Francis of Assisi. A thousand years later an architect must build a mausoleum for a dying billionaire. Separated by history, these men’s lives will be forever changed by a pandemic.

That actually sounds interesting and original. The tagline for the movie is:

“Immortality Is Not For Sale”

It was written in 2017 and filmed on location in Malta in early 2019 long before the Covid-19 pandemic. Spookily, the movie depicts a pandemic that hits the island causing residents to flee. An architect chooses to stay to finish his commission for the eponymous eccentric billionaire who refers to himself as the Grand Duke.

Timothy Spall plays the architect with Peter Stormare as the Grand Duke and Matt Hookings as St Francis of Assisi.

The Grand Duke Of Corsica is written and directed by Daniel Graham, and it marks his second feature after the drama Opus Zero, starring Willem Dafoe. Graham previously worked in UK distribution at companies including Artificial Eye and Axiom Films.

Alongside Spall, Stomare and Hookings are Alicia Agneson, Noeleen Comisky, Lucy Martin, and Time Cullingworth-Hudson.

Hookings also produces under Camelot Films with Chris Hardman of Hardman Pictures. Financing is from Ingenious, LipSync Productions, and the Malta Film Commission.

That is about all the information known about the movie so far, but what do you make of the trailer? Interesting?

The Grand Duke of Corsica is due out on 17th Sept.

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