Stranger Things has been a worldwide success for Netflix. 40 million households watched the first episode of Season 3 as soon as it went online. Then about 18 million of them binged the entire season in one go!

Season 4 of Stranger Things is one of the most anticipated shows on streaming. Now, there is a teaser trailer for it.

It looks more of the same, although, some of it looks like a prequel, showing how Eleven became Eleven. They are going to have to go some to beat Season 3, the finale in the mall was pretty spectacular.

Stranger Things

The producer, Shawn Levy, has also teased that there is a big announcement on the horizon for Stranger Things season 4, but that was all that was said. He did say that the filming has finished and it’s now going into post.

Levy also said in an interview that the end was in sight for the show. Levy, and the show’s creators Matt and Ross Duffer, seemed to have had a plan all along on where the series would go and hopefully bring it to a satisfying conclusion.

Natalia Dyer, who plays Nancy, has said about season 4 (and any excuse to post a photo of her):

“While I can’t say a lot, except that it’s going to be a while before it comes out, it will definitely be worth it. It’s going to be really big.”

Stranger Things

At the moment, there is no official date for season 4, but it is saying 2022. That’s 3 years after season 3, but, with Covid shutting down many productions, you can understand why.

Personally, I can’t wait, I think the show has been fantastic. What do you make of it? Are you hyped?

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