Sylvester Stallone is a cinema legend, from the Rambo and Rocky movies to Stop Or My Mom Will Shoot, he has earned that title. As he’s still very active, it looks like Paramount Plus wants to make a reality series about him and the rest of his family.

It turns out that Stallone has already been filming the show, and it is soon set to air. Sly announced it on his brother’s Instagram account.


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A post shared by Frank Stallone (@frank.stallone)

Sly said that the show is being produced by Bunim Murray, the company that makes Keeping Up With The Kardashians, The Real World, and other such shows.

Not much is known about the show just yet, but it will have Sly, his brother Frank and the rest of his family going about their day-to-day lives. Now, one thing that did take me back a little was how hot Sly’s daughters are!


Imagine meeting in a bar, getting to know her a bit, and getting back to her place only to have John Rambo standing there with a shotgun and a shovel? Talking about the show in the Instagram post, Stallone said:

“I want to spend time with my family, so what’s better”

I like spending time with my family, but I don’t think I want 3 cameras shoved up my nose while doing it. The Stallone reality show will most likely air before the end of this year.

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