You, the Outposters, owe a lot to us, the reviewers, here at the Last Movie Outpost. We watch things like The Bubble, so you don’t have to.

This popped up on Netflix, so I thought I would give it a try. I liked Judd Apatow in his early days, Freaks & Geeks is a good series. I especially liked how it set up Seth Rogan’s career as a stoner, which he has then played for all the other movies he’s been in.

Apatow though seems to have gotten worse over the years. The 40 Year Old Virgin was OK, Knocked Up was bad, Funny People I remember being OK, but I couldn’t tell you a thing about it now, This is 40 was again, OK. Trainwreck wasn’t just the title. I never got around to King of Staten Island.

The movie is set during the pandemic we’ve all been enjoying and a group of actors are back to film “Cliff Beasts 6”, a stupid movie franchise, which takes the piss out of things like Jurassic World, F&F and almost every other sequel/spin-off Hollywood barfs up these days.

They are trying to make the movie, in a bubble, and “hilarity” ensues as they all get on each other’s nerves.

I did think the cast of The Bubble was pretty good, Karen Gillan, Pedro Pascal, Keegan-Michael Key, Peter Serafinowicz, Fred Armisen, Kate McKinnon, David Duchovny, oh and Leslie Mann, Apatow’s wife, and Iris Apatow, his daughter.

In this movie, the last two prove exactly why you shouldn’t hire family. I have seen Mann give good performances in the past, but here, she’s not so much ‘phoning it in’, it’s more like ‘sending a carrier pigeon’. She is literally turning up, saying her lines and that’s it.

Iris is worse. I know she’s done some other stuff, but nothing I can remember her in, but here, she plays a Tik-Tok star who’s cast to be in the movie, within the movie. I mean, if she was “acting” as a Tik-Tok star then she nailed it since I think most Tik-Tok stars are empty-headed morons who only copy other people’s work without any creativity themselves. But I honestly think her “acting” is a stretch of the imagination.

The rest of the cast is just there, that’s all you can say about them. Someone like Duchovny can be very funny, see Evolution, but here, nothing, again, he turns up, says his lines and that’s it.

I’m also annoyed that poor Gillan was made to do an American accent, when she sounds great as English/Scottish or any other accent, apart from American. She really needs to fire her agent.

During the making of “Cliff Beasts 6”, they keep getting Zoom calls from McKinnon, the producer, who is always in some exotic location around the world, coz she’s rich and the pandemic doesn’t apply to her. I think this was supposed to be funny, but it just reminded me that people like me, you know, poor, had to stay at home and suffer, while the rich probably did go skiing on empty slopes.

The irony of the entire thing was, I would have rather watched the movie “Cliff Beasts 6”, than this movie! Cliff Beasts had stupid stories, bad acting and full of Tik-Tok dancing dinosaurs, but it still would have been better than what we got.

I like to think that Apatow was clever enough to make you think that, but I think that’s giving him way too much credit.

At the end of the movie, there’s a speech about making movies that entertainment and a distinction for people. So they made The Bubble, a movie to distract us from the pandemic, by showing you how horrible the pandemic is. That’s like stabbing yourself with a knife in your hand, to distract you from the pain when you stubbed your toe.

It tries to show how bad things were during the pandemic, but other movies have been made in the past few years, and some of them have been made very well. This seems to have been written by someone who didn’t know anything about lockdown, or anything about Hollywood either, to be honest.

I honestly cannot say anything redeeming about this movie. I barely cracked a smile anywhere, I did like the actors, but not anymore and it was just bad. In fact, this is my new “go-to” movie for bad. In the future I can say:

“The movie ________ as bad, but not as bad as The Bubble.”

0 out of 5! In fact, I say that Judd Apatow owes me stars!

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