So, the first episode of the Book of Boba Fett didn’t blow me away, in fact, I found it pretty lacklustre.

Episode 2 is now streaming and I would suggest you watch it, since there will be spoilers ahead, not that there is much to spoil.

The episode starts out with Fennec bring back the Parkour assassin from last week. He’s not going to talk, so they drop him into the Rancor pit. This bit did annoy me, since they opened the gate to the Rancor and it was pretty bloody obvious that there was nothing behind it, but the assassin just gave up and told them everything.

Apparently, the assassin was sent by the Mayor, so, off they all go to see him. The scene going into where the mayor is was almost farce, but I let it go. The Mayor thinks that Boba is still just a bounty hunter and then explains who really sent the assassin.

Boba, Fennec and the two Gamorrean Guards head back to the bar, run by Garsa Fwip (the incredibly hot Jennifer Beals). This scene seemed to show that Boba has no idea what is going on, like some clueless chump. Basically, the Twins, two Hutts, are there to claim Jabba’s palace and land for their own. Boba is having none of it.

Meeting the Hutts was cool, but again, lazy writing when Boba says to Fennec:

“Watch my back!”

Duh! That’s like her only job!  The line didn’t need saying. Also, in the continuity of the scene, the Hutts have a badass Wookie, who will get into a fight with Boba later, obviously, but the Wookie walks out from the back of the Hutts, but the end of the scene suddenly appears next to Boba. This was mild, but again, pay attention director!

We now head back to Boba’s Bacta Bath and a big flashback. This is where things improved for me, I thought the back story was pretty good. It was an odd choice to sympathise with the Sand People, the same group that would try and murder drivers in the pod races and who kidnapped and beat Shmi Skywalker and try to kill Luke and rip 3PO apart.

However, learning more about them worked. They seem like a proud people, warriors, fighters and only trying to take back their land from the off-worlders. That reminds me of something, but I can’t remember what.

I did think it was odd that one of the Sand Persons could teach Boba anything about fighting. As I said in the first review, Boba took on Vader once and it ended in a draw, so I’m pretty sure Boba knew how to fight. Maybe he was just gaining their trust? If this was the case, it wasn’t shown all that well.

Anyways, there is a ‘fast train’ that travels across the desert and kills the Sand People along the way. Boba says he can stop it, by first, stealing some speeder bikes from a local gang. This bit made me laugh when Boba enters the bar in his long-johns and kicks ass. At least this fight was better than last week.

Boba returns with a load of speeders, teaches the Sand People how to ride them and then makes a plan to destroy the ‘fast train’. Again, this was well done and the action was pretty good. However, in a universe of Storm Troopers who couldn’t hit Luke if they were stood right in front of him, it seems that Sand People can hit a person, on a speeding train, through a window about 2 x 3 feet from about a mile away! Again, this was pretty mild, since the whole sequence was pretty well done.

Boba takes charge and tells the train driver, for want of a better word, that they now have to pay a bounty if they want to cross the desert from now on. He finds out the train carries spice, from the mines of Kessel, for those of you who remember the OT and Solo. Also, the spice looked like it came from Dune… a crossover somewhere in the future???

Because Boba helped out with the train, he then becomes part of the Sand People clan and is sent on a spiritual vision quest. I liked this bit, it was well done and, since The Force is spiritual, I thought it was a good nod to how other Star Wars species have their own ‘spirit’ etc. Although, I wasn’t sure about the thing up Boba’s nose, aka like the thing from The Wrath Of Khan that went in the ear of Chekov and Terrell.

The episode ended with Boba dancing around a fire with the Sand People, which again, I kind of liked.

Overall, I give this episode 2.5 out of 5. What’s going on with Boba in the present, is getting a bit more interesting, but still nothing massively exciting, but the flashbacks are pretty good. A mile improvement from last week.

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