Bloody Hell is a film I had never heard of until last night. Comic book artist John Malin was on his YouTube live stream and started discussing this movie. He recommended it. Malin was the person who turned me onto Kid Detective and I loved that movie, so I fired up the internet machine, threw down the three Yankee greenbacks, and bought the movie.

It was time very well spent.

Bloody Hell is one hell of a good time.  It is a very black horror comedy that, at times, seems like it was made just for me. The main character of the story reminds me of myself a little too much.



The film starts with Rex at a bank standing in line. He wants to flirt with a teller that he has a thing for. Suddenly robbers violently burst in. Rex takes matters into his own hands and kills every one of them, saving a bank full of customers.

The last robber kills a bystander at the last second and Rex gets blamed for being reckless and is found liable. He spends the next 6 years in prison for this. When he gets out we see he is a celebrity and a hero to some, but a maniac to others. He opts to make a new start in a strange country and catches a flight to Finland.

Things go from bad to worse for him now as he is “taken” by a family of Finnish cannibals almost as soon as he arrives. He is taken to their home to be used for food. Rex has to figure out how to escape, and then kill the entire family… in that order.


What follows is a feast of black comedy, survival horror, blood, and violence that entertained me right to the end.

It’s a short brutal 90ish minute movie that is a ton of fun. Highly recommended. The trailer below does a poor job of showing you the real tone of the movie, but check it out anyway. If this sounds like your kind of movie, definitely check it out.

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