A Quiet Place (2018) was not bad, a fairly original idea, nicely executed, pretty good cast. I wasn’t totally blown away by it, but I did enjoy watching something that wasn’t a reboot/redo etc. It did well in takings, so, of course, there’s a sequel.

Another Quiet Place

Written and directed John Krasinski, who did the original, and stars Emily Blunt, Cillian Murphy, Millicent Simmonds, Noah Jupe, Scoot McNairy and Djimon Housou.

The movie starts on Day 1 of the alien attack, before the events of the first movie. We’re in the home town of the Abbott family, watching the eldest son’s baseball game. During the game Emmett (Murphy) another town resident, learns how to sign the word ‘dive’ from Regan (Simmonds) in a set up that you know will come back later on.

The game is interrupted by the sight of a giant meteor, everyone starts to panic. As everyone tries to get to their cars, aliens start to attack the town.

This was well done and some of the photography was spot on and only shows the aliens in the background, out of focus, so there’s something left for the imagination. However, this opening was kind of pointless, we know that the Abbott’s survive, since they were in the first movie!

I found this counterproductive, the action and tension were good, but at the same time, it wasn’t.

We then cut to day 474(ish) and we pick up straight after the events of the first movie, like minutes after it.

* Spoilers From Here On In *

As we know from the first movie, Beau (the youngest) and Lee (the dad) are dead, so Evelyn (Blunt), Regan, Marcus (Jupe) and the new born baby head out from the house to find help, Regan has seen a fire somewhere across the valley. They pack up and quietly make their way to find where the fire came from.

They end up at an abandoned factory/steel mill and they are being watched by someone with a sniper scope. The family trip a tripwire and make a sound, they start to run and Marcus ends up in a bear trap and, as you might imagine, screaming his head off. An alien hears them and runs in for the attack, Regan uses her hearing aid (and a small speaker) to freak out the alien and Evelyn blows its brains out.

We find out the sniper is Emmett and he’s found a great hiding place, including some kind of industrial furnace, which is sound proof, but there is no air, so he has to time how long he can stay in there. He tells the family, they aren’t welcome and they need to leave.

They then find a radio signal coming from an island off shore, so Regan has the idea to leave, find the radio station, so she can broadcast her hearing aid noise over the radio. She ups and leaves. Evelyn begs Emmett to go find her.

This is where the story becomes a little confusing and predictable. Regan finds a train and an alien joins her, but it’s obvious what it going to happen.

Regan, and her savior, Emmett, find a local boat dock and try to get on a boat to head for the island. This is where it got confusing. Emmett says earlier that ‘something’ has happened to people who have survived.

When we get to the dock, we see a group of locals that seem burnt/diseased and they try to kill Emmett and take Regan. This is where he signs to her to ‘dive’, you know, like we saw set up earlier.

What was odd about this was, nothing was done with this part of story! It seemed like a cool idea, that something has happened to the survivors, but basically, an alien turns up and kills them all (apart from Em and Reg), it was a set-up, with zero follow-up.

Emmett and Regan get to the island and find a colony where the aliens cannot get too, since they cannot swim. However, duh duh duh, an alien manages to get on to the island then kill most of the inhabitants.

The actual end of the movie was a little annoying. Regan has to play her hearing aid over the radio and she seems to take ages to do it, I was just getting annoyed at her, coz it was pretty bloody obvious what she needed to do… SO BLOODY WELL DO IT!

As this is going on, Evelyn, Marcus and the baby are having issues of their own with another alien, but are saved just in time by the radio signal, which again, can be seen a mile off.

* End Of Spoilers *

Overall, it’s not a bad movie, I’m going to use the old clichéd, if you like the first one, you’ll like this one. It was nice to see something ‘original’, and yes, I know this is sequel, but it didn’t have any superheroes or lightsabers in it, so a fairly original idea.

The continuation of the story is pretty good, the actors all do a good job and I think the direction by Krasinski is very good, I really like his style.

Blunt is really beautiful, but in this, she looks terrible, I mean, I get that her daughter goes missing, her son is injured and her baby might die, but a bit of lippy wouldn’t hurt. There is a vein on her head that looked like it was going to pop any second.

The down side is, the story is weak and predictable. There is literally a couple of moments where everyone ‘splits up’, seriously, have you never seen a horror movie??? There is a set-up to what happened to all the other survivors, but nothing is done with it.

One other thing that annoyed me was the whispering, now I get they have to do that, the aliens are sensitive to sound, but the whisper was really quiet in places and I was struggling to hear what people were saying in some places.

I give A Quiet Place 2 a completely middle of the road 2.5 out of 5 stars. A decent follow on, but a weak and predictable story, but I still enjoyed watching it, but not as good as the original.

I will make a prediction now though… there will be a third movie and possibly a TV series on the way and they will expands on the ‘other survivors’.

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