Last Night’s Live Stream was pretty atrocious. Working on new technology has its hiccups. However Yoda and crew worked hard after the stream and remedied the issues. So sorry for those who has to listen to that as the audio was a mess but the good news is with StreamLabs we will be able to start streaming on Twitch and Facebook as well as Youtube in the future!

I’m also working on new back grounds and with some other new tech to make it much easier for our listeners to join streams in the future. We’ll be adding superchats and other ways to interact with us. So our first try wasn’t good but there is a lot coming to make it better in 2021!

Look for a new video coming this week. A look ahead has me doing a 5 part series on my journey into James Bond, more Overlooked, and a few new “I Love Practical Effects” videos.  Dom has also been working on a video and will be doing his own work this year as well. And if that’s something you’ve always wanted to do, feel free to contact me!

2020 is almost outta here. Figures it gave my audio a kick in the face on the way out the door. 21 is going to be bigger and better than ever on the youtube site and for all of LMO as well!

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