Norovirus Has Entered The Chat

Pinewood Studios has become the breeding ground for the Norovirus, a very contagious virus that causes vomiting and diarrhea. It has impacted the filming of the new Indiana Jones movie and Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.

It’s kind of refreshing that it’s not about that other virus.

As we all know, the last year or so has been a pain in the neck for making movies. There’s been shutdowns, travel bans and a slew of mandates. The fifth instalment of the Indy movies has had its problems with all of this nonsense and now it seems to be battling this other virus.

There’s been reporting that filming on the latest adventure of Indiana Jones has been plagued with a Norovirus outbreak. On top of this, there’s still a number of crew workers out from positive tests of the other virus. Apparently, around 50 people have been sent home because of contracting the Norovirus.

This has left the Pinewood Studios shoot understaffed. Glass half full, none of the movie’s stars have been affected by the Norovirus and so filming of the movie can at least continue. A source has told The Sun how this has affected shooting.

“The crew have been dropping like flies. There are also a lot off with Covid so it’s a double whammy. Two films have been affected. Over 50 people have been struck down, but luckily that doesn’t include the big stars.”

The next Indiana Jones movie is one of two movies mentioned, the other being the Ant-Man sequel. It’s also shooting at Pinewood Studios. It’s unclear how many of the crew from one movie are directly related to the other, but the virus duo is certainly causing havoc on production of both movies.

If this wasn’t bad enough, the Indy movie was thrown off not long ago after Harrison Ford sustained a shoulder injury while rehearsing for a stunt.

There are also rumors of this being the last Indy movie, at least with Ford as the star. Nothing is confirmed, but the Indiana Jones co-star, Phoebe Waller-Bridge might be taking over the lead role as a Jones-style character. Remember, Kathleen Kennedy is the movie’s producer and we already know how she feels about feminism.

If there are no more delays to filming, production should be wrapped up relatively soon. After which, there will most likely be a long post-production. Got to de-age Ford after all and put the CGI in.

Indiana Jones 5 (no actual title yet) will be released on July 28, 2022.

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