Universal Pictures is ready to serve us up a new slice of American Pie and its said to offer a “fresh take” on the 1999 classic.

The original American Pie was written by Adam Herz and directed by Paul Weitz. It grossed more than $235 million worldwide and spawned three sequels with the main cast, as well as spinoff franchise American Pie Presents.

We were introduced to the likes of Jim, Stifler, Michelle, Nadia, as well as Stifler’s mum and Jim’s Dad. American Pie also served up some of cinema’s most memorable scenes such as Stifler drinking THAT beer, Nadia and the webcam, and of course Jim and the pie.

The Fresh Take

So Outposters, I can sense you rolling your eyes at this “fresh take” but hear me out. I honestly believe that even with Hollywood’s current trend of wokeism, they can still deliver the goods.

And I’m sick of being pessimistic about remakes, reimaginings and “fresh takes” so let’s give this a chance and explore who is going to be spearheading the new American Pie – it’s the one and only… Sujata Day… 

American Pie Out

Who Is Sujata Day?

Sujata Day, known for her role in the HBO series, Insecure. A show about two friends who face the challenges of being black women who defy all stereotypes.

Rae also created the web series The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl. It follows “J”, who is self-described awkward and black passive-aggressive. The entire premise is depicting uncomfortable scenarios one may experience when dealing with others. 

Day neglected the idea for two years, but was motivated after she read an article by Leslie Pitterson pointing out the absence of black female nerd characters on screen.

American Pie Black Girl
“J” from The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl. She looks like its definitely everyone elses fault.

Her feature directorial debut was Definition Please, which she wrote and starred in as a former spelling bee champion reconnecting with her estranged family in a fresh American take (another fresh take) on a Bollywood trope.

Day also previously directed the LeVar Burton-narrated YouTube series This Is My Story. This is where millionaire LeVar Burton narrates his real life personal experiences of racism with “stunning and straightforward simplicity”.

She was the inaugural recipient of Women’s Voices Now’s inaugural Women Making Waves award and was profiled on NBCUniversal News Group’s Inspiring America series for Definition Please and its exploration of race and mental illness on film.

Sujata Day
Sujata Day – she definitely doesn’t look like she is about to womansplain something to you.

This One Time At Band Camp…

…Sujata Day took a beloved American classic comedy who’s target audience was young heterosexual men, and totally fu…

This film is going to be so woke, so full of diversity and “the message” that it’ll make everything Disney are currently churning out look like a Schwarzenegger movie from the glory days of the 80s.

Rather than have a slice of the new American Pie I’d rather rather have a slice of a freshly laid, steaming dog turd. I suspect it will be the same thing.

America Dog shit

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