Most people think that the Indiana Jones movies finished as they rode off into the sunset in The Last Crusade. Then we had the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull… and people still thought it ended as they rode off into the sunset.

Indy 5 is happening, whether we like it or not. We have had details about the plot, but now something major has just come online.

Below Are Pretty Major Spoilers… You Have Been Warned!

Some set photos have turned up online and seem to show something that a lot of people have already hinted at. You can call them conspiracy theories, but a few have predicted that Indy would find some kind of artefact that would allow time travel.

The set photos show Indy and Phoebe Waller-Bridge in a scene. Alongside them are Roman soldiers, seeming to show that some of the movie is set in a different time period.

These scenes could be some kind of flashback, but why would Indy and Waller-Bridge be in the same scenes?

We were all guessing that Indy might go into space since it was set around the Apollo mission era, but now time travel? The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull shocked everyone with aliens and UFOs, but time travel? Or is this some big hoax just to annoy all the fans?

There are loads more of the photos HERE, but be warned, it is the Daily Mail website.

This will be the first Indy movie not directed by Steven Spielberg, as it’s being directed by James Mangold, who as we know, has had a meltdown on Twitter.

We will all have to wait until July 2023 to find out what Indiana Jones 5 will be like. Until then, we can all hold our breath in anticipation.

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