Christmas Day, eh? Maybe you have drunk so much sherry you are in need of some time away from your family before a temper is lost. Maybe they are all asleep on the couch, having gorged themselves on all your food. The house is full of plastic crap to keep the kids entertained. And booze for you. Or maybe you don’t drink, or even celebrate Christmas? We don’t care, we are a broad church here at the Outpost.

Maybe you have had enough of the family for one day and just want to come on back to your old mates here at Last Movie Outpost to talk crap about movies? Or anything!


Maybe you are celebrating alone, in your own way. Either way, we are here as usual and just hanging out. Come and join us.

This is an Open Thread. Anything goes. Talk about what you want. As long as it’s not illegal… obviously!

Maybe you have a story to tell? Maybe you are a long-time lurker who has been waiting for the right moment to go loud, and reveal yourself? Well this is it!

Maybe you just want to drink heavily and talk to strangers online? Either way, we’ve got you covered! Have at it, Outposters… and Merry-f*cking-Christmas ya filthy animals!

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