It is a time of celebration, and with celebration goes enjoyment, with enjoyment goes sin! But fear not, you stinking sinners, the Last Movie Outpost has got your back and even today, on Christmas Day, the Confession Booth is open and ready to hear your confession as I, the most reverend Reverend, am here to cleanse your sinning soul! Whatever you have done on the Baby Jesus’ birthday, we will scrub your soul clean.

We will hoover up your sin as our savior, the Goddess Gal Gadot, grows hungry. She will feast. On this special day, the sheer volume of your sin will fill her as the cheeseboard will fill Uncle Terry later.

Look on and tremble, as she prepares to help this poor, young, attractive sinner right here.


Our very special Christmas Confession Booth topic comes from one of our Outposters, Longshanks. Thanks for the contribution.

Do you have a much-loved movie experience from your childhood that you really shouldn’t have revisited? Do The Goonies adventures, a staple of your childhood, reveal themselves as a bit lightweight when you see it now? Did you believe a man can fly but now wince at the blue screen of Superman: The Movie?

What childhood movie experience just doesn’t stack up for you today? What amazing movie from your past did you revisit with horror?

As usual, I am willing to show the way. I too have sin, and must prepare for the Goddess Gal Gadot to feast upon me, as if she is your mom and I am some extra roast potatoes.

When I was a small Reverend, Nicole Kidman powerhouse BMX Bandits was the greatest movie I had ever seen, until the next week when I saw The Karate Kid. However watching it again recently, well… it’s an absolute stinker.

Now it is your turn. You must confess. CONFESS!

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