Remember all the way back in about 2018, or it may have been even earlier, when we first heard Colin Farrell was to play The Penguin in Matt Reeves’ version of The Batman at Warner Bros.? This movie has been so delayed that it seems like it has been on the way forever.

The speculation over what kind of Oswald Cobblepot Farrell would become was added to by numerous pieces of fan-art, or stills from other movies that had been altered that purported to be “official” concepts.


That was blown completely out of the water when his look was finally revealed and nobody could quite believe his transformation in the role.

The Burgess Meredith version from the high camp 60s television show, and the grotesque but semi-tragic Danny DeVito version, complete with flipper hands and a taste for the ladies as well as the fish, seem far away now.


Dare we say that this take appears both more comic accurate, but more grounded, than any we have seen before on the big screen? A neat trick if they manage to pull it off, straddling the line between Nolan’s hyper-real sensibilities and the gothic nightmare feeling of Burton’s Gotham City.

Now Warner Bros. have released some new images of Farrell in character as The Penguin to let us get a closer look.


Farrell will also be appearing in an HBO Max spin-off based around the character.


There is no release date yet for that HBO Max spin-off, but we know the big show that is The Batman is out March 4th, 2022 unless they find yet another variant of Covid to over-react to.

Limited Screen Time

Colin Farrell’s Penguin is, according to Farrell himself, only a small part in this movie. He claimed in an interview that he has only nine minutes of screen time in an over two-hour story.

With limited screen time in this outing, but the HBO Max show on the way, it seems likely we may see the new version of The Penguin return in a sequel, should The Batman be a success.

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