6 Underground is Transformers without the robots. It’s long, violent and will probably give you a headache.

“Meet a new kind of action hero. Six untraceable agents, totally off the grid. They’ve buried their pasts so they can change the future.”

Micheal Bay knows how to do action, and the movie looks really good, plus the Dolby Atmos surround sound will give your audio system a good workout.

The film has the usual Bay trademarks such as the slo-mo 360-degree shot, helicopters at sunrise, and of course, blowing shit up.

Look, it’s another Micheal Bay movie!!!

The editing is really bad, like you may get motion sickness watching this. I thought that Bad Boys 2 was over the top, but this movie said, “hold my TNT”

The movie also has a lot of time jumps, mostly to explain who the ‘6’ are. If you are into linear storytelling, this movie is not for you. By adding the backstories, it really helps flesh out the characters. However, it makes the movie that much longer and at 127 minutes, you may be exhausted by the time the film is done.

For a big dumb action flick, it was much better than Hobbes & Shaw. With the long history of the Fast & Furious series, they should have done a better job.

There is quite a bit of gore in this film, and while watching it, I kind of wish that he didn’t hold back in the Transformers movies as much as he did. He likes showing people getting shot in the face/head. I get it that Transformers is a kids series, but an unrated version would have been nice.

As for the ‘woke-o-meter’, the needle did not move, which was surprising since this was Netflix. Yes, it has a ‘diverse’ cast, but it’s not shoved in your face. Nicely done!

If you like the Ryan Renolds style of snark, you will love this movie, he plays One. The rest of the team consists of Two (Melanie Laurent), Three (Manuel Garcia-Rulfo), Four (Ben Hardy), Five (Adria Arjona), Six (Dave Franco), and Seven (Corey Hawkins).

As this is planned to be an ongoing series (if Netflix is willing to foot the bill), one can assume that we will eventually see, Eight, Nine, Ten, etc.

As for a film overall, I would give it a 2.5/5, but for the action fans, 4/5.

Just don’t watch it while eating anything with red sauce.

6 Underground is exploding on Netflix right now.