31 Days Of Horror, our Halloween countdown, continues here at Last Movie Outpost with a little-known entry. Funny the movies you stumble upon. I do like my horror movies and I like obscure stuff too. I found this one at random and here’s my write-up.

Who Would Kill A Child?

Made in Spain in 1977, the story follows two British tourists as they head to a small island where the children seemed to have killed all of the adults.

It is directed by Narciso Ibanez Serrador and written by him and Jaun Jose Plans from his novel El juego de los niños – Children’s Play. It stars Lewis Fiander and Prunella Ransome.

The movie starts off like any other, with a couple looking to get away for a break. The husband is a writer and would like some peace and quiet to finish his latest work. He remembers a small island off the Spanish coast that he visited once before and wants to head back there. When they get to the island, it is quiet. A bit too quiet.

They do see the occasional child, but they soon run off without a trace. When they finally find someone else, an elderly man, he is beaten to death by a child with his own walking stick. From here on in, things get worse!

I REALLY want to tell you what happens, but I won’t since the movie is a well-made one and plays out properly. Although it is pretty messed up and not for the faint-hearted. The question “Who would kill a child?” is answered.

One thing I will spoil is how I loved that none of what happens is explained. The children all go crazy. Possessed by some evil to kill the adults, but you never know why. I loved this, since it didn’t need explaining. It was just a mystery like everything else that happened on the island.

If you want to see something pretty messed up, I would say fairly original and something that definitely would not be made today, I say give Who Would Kill A Child? a chance.

It is a great hidden gem for horror fans.

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