Someone once mentioned The Midnight Meat Train on Twitter and, when I looked it up, it had Vinnie Jones on the cover and he got top billing over Bradley Cooper. So I was a little dubious about it. How wrong I was.

If you haven’t seen this gem of a horror movie, I highly recommend it! The story is simple:

A photographer’s obsessive pursuit of dark subject matter leads him into the path of a serial killer who stalks late night commuters, ultimately butchering them in the most gruesome ways.

A serial killer on a train right? That is just the tip of the iceberg. As the movie goes on, the story opens up in a way I never thought it would. I won’t spoil it, but it was a very satisfying ending.


I did think Vinnie Jones was going to be a problem, but like in Gone In 60 Seconds, he didn’t say much through the movie. Unlike Gone in 60 Seconds, when he talks at the end, it takes all that magic away since he’s not the best actor in the world.

In The Midnight Meat Train, he says very little. Literally about 3–4 words at the end. Because of this, he is actually really good!

Jones looks like a hooligan, someone you would cross the road to avoid. He looks like he would kick your head in if you just made eye contact with him. This is exactly why they cast him as the bad guy in this, he just looks menacing from the start.

Bradley Cooper is really good in this as well. He’s generally good in most of his movies, but he plays the nervous guy trying to get that great photo really well here. You keep putting yourself in his shoes, and he’s braver than I would have been.


The movie is directed by Ryuhei Kitamura, whom I’d never heard of, but his direction is excellent. The way some of the kills are filmed is brutal and really well done. There’s a POV shot of someone getting their head smashed off and the way it was filmed was brilliant.

The story kept me guessing all the way through and I didn’t see the ending coming, I love it when a movie does that. It’s really well acted and beautifully shot.

If you haven’t seen The Midnight Meat Train, then you should, it’s a great movie and an even better horror movie.

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