31 Days Of Horror continues here at Last Movie Outpost with an entry that may surprise, The Guest.

The Guest is a 2014 film that came as a real surprise to everyone who watched it. Adam Wingard had previously directed the excellent survival horror film You’re Next, and it was a hell of a lot of fun. But no one expected what came next. I heard several people say “Who knew he had it in him?!”


David, played by Dan Stevens, is a soldier has apparently just discharged from duty and makes a stop over in Kentucky to visit, and pay respects to, the family of one of his friends killed in combat while they were in Iraq.

The mother still in grief over her lost son insists that David should stay with her, the father and their son and daughter.

It doesn’t take long before David is just about part of the family, charming everyone except the daughter Anna, played by Maika Monroe, who doesn’t like how David reminds the family of their lost son and brother.

Before long David is everyone’s best friend. He helps out the young brother with some school bullies in one of the best scenes in the film. After picking the boy up from school and seeing a black eye, David follows the underage jocks and their girls into the local water hole. He then engineers the coolest insult/bar fight I’ve ever seen on film.

Eventually we learn David isn’t quite who he says he is. Turns out he is a pretty violent guy. It’s not his fault though, but you will have to watch the movie to see why. I love how the first half of the movie makes you really like David. He is a pretty cool guy who wants to help the family of his dead friend. He just can’t stop himself after a certain switch has been flipped.


The Guest is a blast and a October must watch for me.

This movie is one I love. One of the things about it is the awesome soundtrack. The soundtrack really complements the film. The movie is a giant homage to 80s slasher and action films and you will see a lot of things in it that will remind you of other movies, but in a very good way.

The soundtrack enhances this with a great retro style synthwave playing in the background that reminds you of John Carpenter.

The cast is full of familiar faces and it brings on the nostalgia feels for 80s and early 90s action and horror films. That’s ok with me, I never left the 80s anyway.

The Guest is just what I like most, a neon drenched ultra violent horror film that shows love to all my favourite films without the eye rolling irony or mean-spirited satire.

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