Night of The Comet starts by dropping us right into a giant celebration taking place about 12 days before Christmas in Kalifornia. Everyone is having the time of their lives and not because they are happy about Jesus’ birthday.

A comet is passing earth that night. A comet that hasn’t passed earth in 65 million years.  About the same time all the dinosaurs went tits up. What a weird coincidence.

We follow the events of two sisters, Regina and her younger sister, Samantha. Reggie works at the local movie theater and spends the night in the projection booth making the Beast With Two Backs with her boyfriend. Sam is at home with her evil stepmother while they have a party with the locals waiting to watch the comet pass that night.  Sam gets into a fight with the stepmother and goes to sulk in the metal shed.

The comet passes that night and Reggie wakes up after her boyfriend goes outside and finds out that anyone caught outside a metal building got a really bad case of dehydration from the effects of the comet.

Reggie makes her way home and finds her little sister still alive.  It takes some convincing but the two realize it’s the end of the world.  What do two teenage girls in LA do after the end of the world? In 1984 no less?  They go to the mall, of course.

While at the mall, they run into some poor slobs who were only partially exposed to the comet and end up in a firefight. This results in a slow breakdown as they fall apart, go insane and look like they are melting.  After a fight with the stock boys, they make their way to a radio station they think is still broadcasting live.  Turns out it’s all pre-recorded  They do find another survivor after Sam broadcasts over the air.

Before long, some scientists who predicted the results of the comet show up looking for any survivors. Needless to say, they are more of the Dr. Fauci type of Doctors than they are the kind you’d find in Mayberry.

This movie is a blast. It has some good creepy moments, you get to indulge in your not so secret end of the world fantasy (or is that just me?) and we get to see an emptied out Kalifornia city. Isn’t that a sweet thought? On top of that, you get to see Kelli Maroney in a cheerleader uniform most of the movie. What more do you want? Verily.

It’s so much fun. Check it out.


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