All Hallows Eve approaches the Last Movie Outpost and a terror stalks our lands. Not ghosts, ghouls, demons, and spirits but a rampaging mob of white women, hopped up on pumpkin spice, dressed as a sexy cat, a sexy devil, sexy choirboy, or a sexy Hannibal Lecter. Cackling like Kamala Harris on helium at various parties and gatherings. It is enough to make me want to retire my sexy Rabbi costume early this year. This calls for a Confession!

What we need is to put our faith in the Goddess Gal Gadot at this most testing time to deliver us from, evil and save our very souls. And where does our salvation begin? As always, my flock, with your confession. This time the Goddess Gal Gadot must feat on your fear. Hark, for she approaches, and must be so frightened that all her clothes have fallen off. Look!

Today’s special Halloween confession must give voice to these fears. It is time to face these fears, and to lay your soul bare in front of your fellow Outposters so that we may get through this together. You must confess what you fear. Specifically…

What movie still genuinely scares you today?

Does the off-kilter vibe of The Wicker Man, and hopeless journey to a conclusion you know is coming, still get under your skin? Does An American Werewolf In London still mean an evening stroll in the countryside is out of the question? Will a certain set of cello chords refuse to leave your mind when you are swimming alone?


Tell us which scary movie still leaves its indelible mark upon your poor soul so that we may face our fears together. The booth is open, the Goddess Gal Gadot awaits. You must confess. CONFESS!

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