Back in March 2020, as we watched a Chinese news story become a global event and realized it might be a little while before we went to the movie theater again, who would have thought that nearly a year later we would be in the same situation?

Theaters remain closed in many areas of the world. As the winter rolls around the Coronavirus pandemic is escalating again in many regions, as respiratory illness does at this time of year. After most of 2020’s release slate was bumped back into 2021 now it looks as if 2021 will be similarly affected.

Early 2021 seemed like a good bet back in 2020, so everything from Morbius to No Time To Die were bounced out to that period. Now Sony have pushed Morbius out yet again and this is expected to start the ball rolling on an H1 2021 exodus.

Sony’s Cinderella (Feb 5th) and 20th Century Studios’ The King’s Man (Mar 12th) are looking like the next to fall. There is no marketing push for these movies, just like there has been no marketing for Godzilla vs. Kong. As we have discussed, Warner Bros. have effectively pulled the plug on 2021 altogether and are pursuing an HBO Max release strategy.

Now Deadline report that the big release of this period, 007 adventure No Time To Die, is going to move back again. It was set to be released in April 2020, but was the first major blockbuster to move, first to November 2020 and then again to April 2nd 2021. It will move again, with rumors that an announcement is imminent.

The smart money is on a November release like most of Craig’s 007 movies. That would be 19 months on from it’s original release date.

What this means is that, despite many governments promising a vaccination program will have made serious in-roads in Q1 2021, and the winter respiratory disease season having passed in Europe and the USA, studios still have no confidence in a fast recovery for the theater distribution network, or audience numbers.

It’s looking grim out there for movies right now folks.