2021 has been another weird year for everyone. The year started in lockdown in the UK due to the pandemic. I was placed on furlough, so paid to be at home. So I was watching movies. Lots of movies. I also started keeping a list of what I was watching, mainly due to the fact I couldn’t always remember what I had watched.

I didn’t really notice at first, but the list was getting pretty big. By the end of January, I had seen over 100 movies and this got me thinking. Just how many could I see per month, maybe over the whole year?


I was in a good situation. Sure, I was eventually made redundant from the job where I had been furloughed as industries took stock of where they were, post that phase of the pandemic, but I had self-employed work that I could put more effort into and that would cover my bills. I was working from home. I would be OK and it also meant I could carry on watching movies.

1,000 doesn’t sound like a lot, but it’s about three per day. I still had work to do, had bills to pay, and I was doing some work outside my home too, which meant I had to be away. So some days I couldn’t see any movies at all. I had to make that up on other days, so some days would need to see six or seven movies by starting early and finishing late.

There were both new movies and revisiting some old favorites for a repeat. If I sat down and watched it, it went on the list. Some even got a second viewing and were counted twice.

Please don’t hate me! I know what a lucky bastard I was to even be able to consider having this opportunity. It just worked out. I know that lots of people got ill, loads had to carry on working and most didn’t get to stay at home and watch movies all day.


If you can get over your hate, I would like your help. It is now December and I have just reached 950 movies for the year and I am counting down the last 50. But what should I see for my 1,000th movie this year? I have seen a lot of sets of movies:

  • Every James Bond, from Dr No to No Time To Die
  • All the Fast & Furious
  • All of the Star Wars movies, well, apart from 7, 8 and 9 obviously
  • All of the Star Treks
  • From Iron Man to Endgame
  • All of Batman, from the Tim Burton to Nolan
  • All of the Nightmare on Elm Street
  • Most of the Halloween, again not all of them, obviously
  • All of X-Men to Dark Phoenix
  • All of the Alien movies

The list goes on. I have had also had a run of some of the most controversial movies ever made such as Pink Flamingos, A Serbian Movie, Martyrs, Birth of a Nation, Ichi the Killer to name a few. I’ve revisited some of the classics and tried to keep up to date with newer movies.

Birth of a Nation – 1915

80s action and horror movies are great fun, some I was seeing for the first time. I had a run of Tinto Brass movies because they are… umm… great works of art which, OK, also had boobs in them! Cheeky was a favorite.

I also had a run on director’s works such as John Huges, Guy Ritchie, and Brian De Palma so saw some gems I haven’t seen before.


Now, counting down my last 50 I’m wondering what to watch for my 1,000th movie of the year?

Should I go with a classic like The Shining or The Great Escape? One of my favorites such as Return of the Jedi or Fight Club? Or something I haven’t seen before, which is getting harder to find after this year?

So I’m turning to all the great Outposters of the Last Movie Outpost. I would love some suggestions for the last 50 movies, and for what should be my 1000th movie, the big one!

Do I get to experience something of pure joy? Or because I’ve been such a lucky bastard, should I have to suffer through something like The Rise of Skywalker?

If you want to follow my countdown, I’m listing them all on Twitter.

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